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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Atlanta, Disney, Atlanta. Great first adventure of the year! Traveling with a almost 5 yr. old and my pregnant wife was interesting, but great! Visited my sister in the ATL, grandparents and other family in Florida and Mickey Mouse at Disney. Truly Magical!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kent's Bike Blog: How Bikes Can Save Us

Kent's Bike Blog: How Bikes Can Save Us: Thanks to for pointing out the wonderful infographic below. It's contains a lot of good info in an easily digested form. C...

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Road trip to Michigan. 4 dudes one car.

Pontiac Lake.

Frankenmuth Brewery

Iceman Cometh

Bell's Beer



Revelate Tangle bag


Quality time with the Vaya

Kent Moon Tower

More time with the Vaya


Sick boy

No snow yet!!!!! Yay!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October S24O

Got out for a last minute overnighter followed by a extended ride home on Saturday.

I left the house Friday night and rode 32 miles down towards Massillon on the Ohio Erie Canal Towpath. I arrive at the campground around 8:45 and realized I should have scoped it out better because, I packed my ENO hammock, and there weren't any trees in the campground the right distance for the hammock. So after deciding not to sleep on the ground, I searched around the wooded area just off the campground and found a perfect spot.

After setting up the hammock I ate dinner, chatted with a couple of guys who had ridden up from Navarre to camp, and around 11:00 I went to sleep. Well tried to sleep. This was my first hammock camping experience, and I need to work on the set up. I would fall asleep and dream I was in a hammock. Not fun:(

I got up and moving around 8:00am. I didn't have to get home until 3:30, so I took a little tour of a few counties. I rode the Towpath until it intersected with the Sippo Valley trail and took that trail to Dalton where it ends. From there I rode around Orrville where I came across some cool sites. One was this little airfield that had a bunch of skydivers.

I also came across, which at some point my kinfolk lived.

And finally, miles of tar and chip roads, sunshine and cool old barns.

After riding around Orrville, I rode through Seville and stopped for a much needed lunch at Subway. From there I headed through Medina and visited my brother in law at work, then stopped to see a few more friends before heading back to Akron to get cleaned up and go to our friends wedding.

It's days like these that I dream of epic bicycle adventures. I dream of that one day where I have nothing in front of me but open road. I makes me dream of the Great Divide. Then I realize, I just had more adventure on my bike in 103 miles and less than 24 hours than alot of people. I was a great weekend.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Weekend So Far

Friday night a group of us rode from Peninsula to Kent for a burrito run to Taco Tonto's. I had intened on bringing my cooler with some beverages, but in my frenzy to leave the house, I left it full of ice on the dining room table.

My second mistake of the evening was bringing the Big Dummy. I was declared the purse of the ride. Papa D's sweater(and beer), Fuzzyman's wallet, keys, and mobile communication device, and Kevlar's rain jacket. The only persons crap I didn't have carry, was the Russian's. I really didn't mind since I got to carry the beer!

It was a relaxing pace, though it seemed to get dark fast! It may be because there was a storm looming around, which we totally dodged! We got to Taco Tonto's and while we ate it rained. We followed up our burrittos with a beer at Ray's a staple bar in Kent. When we left Ray's, the rain had stopped, which left us wet roads to do some long skids on the Big Dummy. The funny part was, when I would hit a bump, the empty beer bottles, from our earlier beer stop, would clank loudly.

Once we got closer to Peninsula I realized the night was coming to an end. So, with a mile and a half to go, we all stopped and BS'ed for a few then headed back. What a great night, we ended up with about 33 miles.

Today(Saturday), I went down to Mohican State Park for a mountain bike ride. I started of okay, but the combination of 6 hrs. of sleep and the previous night fun, I fatigued early. At mile 20 I started feeling good again for the final 5.

Hopefully tomorrow the weather will cooperate so I can ride to work.